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About Elmira Décor

Since entering the interior design industry in 2009, Elmira Décor has developed an exquisite style as a creative and accomplished interior services.


Elmira Décor provides high quality residential and commercial interiors across Florida and New York City.


Having studied interior design in NYC, Elmira is a talented and an expert in full service interior design. She has over 15 years of professional experience, over 100 successful projects,  accomplishing everything from a single rooms to a full condos and homes renovation. 

With her creative spark, attention to detail and inventive approach and her extrinsic modern taste, a self-confessed textile fanatic and esthetic colour enthusiast. She enjoys working in close consultation with the client to create an environment that works perfectly in both form and function. Bringing life into any space with meaning and purpose.

“I am convinced that a calm, quiet and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise" 

- Kelly Hoppen

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